Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Their Terms, Not Theirs

When some people approach illegal immigration, they demand that the people coming into this country do so on "our terms, not theirs." So were the words I heard one politician (I can't remember who) speak on my way home from work. Today Sen. Edward Kennedy, et al announced new immigration legislation. The Senate has drafted a bi-partisan bill which would make it not as difficult for illegal immigrants to become citizens. They would "pay a fine, pass a background check, and learn to speak English. Then, after a probationary period that could be as long as eight years, they would be eligible for a green card."

These are not "our" terms. These are the terms of politicians and their handful of supporters. They do not speak for everyone and certainly not for me. The items I listed in the bill are awful requirements. Living in a free society is not a privilege to be earned but a right to be recognized. Forget that immigrants improve our economy. Forget that if we made it easier to enter the country, we could avoid the underground economy. Forget that it would combat worker abuse as well. People who dwell in this country have the right to be here. Everyone has the right to escape tyranny, bloodshed and poverty. Our immigration policy should reflect the reality that most of the world is a horror to live in and everyone is damn lucky to have places to escape to. Those are my terms.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, young man, you wow me.

Anonymous said...

What are your terms for National Security?