Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Dangers of World Exclusion

Everybody has at least one thing, a critical issue that gets them excited and motivated. It can be of vital importance (human trafficking, free trade, the Iraq War) or trivial (celebrity gossip, video games) but it always lingers in the back of their minds. This sort of specialization can be valuble, just like specializing in a job is, but it can also prove dangerous because the person will gladly ignore all other considerations with barely a thought.

We see this all the time. Some people who don't like immigration will hold the country's feet to the fires of destitution with barely a second thought. Others are willing to risk the wellness of the whole of humanity to save a handful of rodents. There are even those that cite the Bible to justify hating homosexuals while blissfully ignoring the Good Book's doctrine of "love thy neighor as thyself."

These people--and others like them--refuse to even acknowledge the rest of society in pursuit of their personal ideals. The tendency for world exclusion sits in the very heart of the statist's mind for laws by their very nature pursue one goal over all other considerations. It is vile and ignorant and sloppy and is perhaps the one these all these disjointed interests have in common.

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