Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Day I Almost Voted

I have never voted, and was looking forward to it this week. I have no disillusionments of my vote mattering, but I wanted the experience, to see what it’s like in that booth. But I recently switched my license to Virginia (I was a Maryland resident) and my voter registration never came in the mail. I still could have voted, but that meant I would have had to find the paper given me when I registered. I took one look at my desk and didn’t even try. There’s always 2008.

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David said...

I tried to vote on Tuesday but apparently the DMV never processed my request to move my voter registration from Arlington to Fairfax. I gave them that paperwork months ago and the people at the voting place said I was the fifth or sixth person that day that had that problem. And the polls were only open for a few hours. We hear so much about the importance of voting and then the state makes us hard to. Never see anything like that in the free market. Go figure.