Monday, July 18, 2005

Look How Important I Am

I just got off IM with a friend of mine in China and he told me the government's decided LL&L shouldn't be allowed for public consumption. It's kind of funny; most libertarians see the Internet as a sort of Mecca. It's where government regulation is difficult or, for some things, impossible. It's where ideas and energy meld into a dynamic world culture. It's a virtual version of what we'd like to see in the real world. But in the place that needs the tough questions the most is the place where it's hardest to get them.

I told Tony I'm honored to be blocked by the Chinese government and I thought it was strange that was my first response. If this happened in the States I'd be angry and outraged, but we've come to expect this from China. Hell, I almost want to thank them; it's a sort of mark of pride to be blocked by an oppressive regime. I wonder if we're blocked in Cuba?


Kerry said...

that's nothing...people have told me that I've been blocked out at their places of business since my blog is apparently pornographic.

Woohoo! I'm porn!

David said...

Yeah I found out afterwards that China just blocks out all stuff from blogspot. I'm still important, though. :)

Chris said...

David, REJOICE!! Your blog is fully accessible in Austria, Poland and Germany!

Best Regards,
Chris Rasmussen