Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Changing Face of Blogs

Ever since Mike and I started Law, Legislation and Lunacy, I’ve been reading other blogs more and more. While my breadth of web literature pales in comparison to Mike’s, a scant review of our colleagues makes me want to change a thing or two about this blog, most notably our subtitle.

Here’s a list of other libertarian blogs—you’ll see what I mean.
-Marginal Revolution: Small steps to a much better world
-Café Hayek: where orders emerge
-History News Network: Because the Past is the Present, and the Future too
-Agoraphilia: The Center for Blurbs in the Public Interest
-Tech Central Station: Where Free Markets Meet Technology (okay, so not so much this one)

I’m fortunate enough to blog at a site that has a clever title (a title we can all credit Mike with) but like everyone else in the world, I’m always looking for progress: we deserve a clever subtitle to go with our kick ass name. As a nod to the grand tapestry of information out there, to the great wealth of tacit and local knowledge, to the millions of minds at work, I ask for your input on a new subtitle. In the words of Michael Polyani, we should let all the avenues of research (or this case, inspiration) be explored—forget the fact that only about six of those millions actually read this thing. The winner gets…um…how about a blog article about them (written by me), though I have no idea what the nature of the article will be about; I’ll try to put it into the context of a libertarian theme or something.

Technically, I haven’t mentioned this to Mike or Ron (surprise guys!) but if they don’t want anything changed, then we can forget the whole thing. No harm, no fowl. But just remember the old Japanese proverb, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”


-Ron said...

David - I think it's a fine idea. Give us a few days to ponder over some ideas.

Chris said...

Hey, how about this one:

"Law, Legislation, and Lunacy: Living Live and Loving Liberty."

It kind of seems corny, I know, but it has that symetrical sound to it (I know there's some technical term for that, but it's been too long since my high school English classes.)

P.S. - Did I win that contest you had a month ago about the analogy to understanding the workings of a housewife? I never heard a response? I want my date ;)

David said...


The word you are looking for is aliteration (sp?) and your entry for the first contest needs to be tested on unsuspecting Beloit students (now that Mike and I are back).

For the subtitle, I thought the phrase would be less of a tounge twister. Here's a start: Creating a Saner World.

Chris said...

Ahhhhh, alliteration. Yes, that was it. Hmm, creating a saner world does sound good and goes with the "lunacy" aspect of the title.

David said...

Mike and I were talking about having a rotating subtitle because there are bound to be several good ones to use. (Like the Road to Sanity, which is perfect considering it's after another Hayek book.) But we have no idea how to do that on the html.

Erin said...

I must protest, several months after the fact. (Dec. 26th!) Alliteration is not the proper word that was described by comment about 'symmetry.'
There is a conflux of ideas between two different literary devises and methods.
Now, after saying all of that, I cannot remember the technical term for, or if there exists beyond what is already mentioned, symmetrical text.
Perhaps, alliteration is what was meant, but it is not the same as symmetrical text.
Now, that I've been a complete bitch, I'll away.