Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I Want YOU! For A Good Time

Sex is a wonderful thing. Some people say that the family is the foundation of civilization but I’m going to go with knocking boots. It’s one of the few things everyone wants (with very rare exceptions) and everyone enjoys (again, with very rare exceptions). It’s next to impossible to have a conversation without referring to it, volumes of text and countless hours of television are dedicated to it and it even has a few networks.

So why haven’t Republicans—typically the more troop-supporting of the two major parties—called for supplying our troops with this most basic of needs? I’m not sure, but at least one group is willing to rise to the call. Operation: Take One For The Country is an organization of fine women looking to send off our troops on a high note. (Insert your own joke about boosting morale here.) Just another example demonstrating that government programs just aren’t as intimate with the public’s needs as enterprising individuals.

Mad props to Ileana Cosaceanu for telling me about OTOFTC.


Chris said...

Very intriguing. However, what the article fails to mention is whether OTOFTC provides any "services" for servicemen or servicewomen of another *persuasion.* Perhaps OTOFTC clients are still bound by those pesky Clinton-era rules of "Don't ask, don't tell."

Anonymous said...

As long as it is private, I have no problem with it. As soon as the government decides this is a "right" or "privilege" for the troops and starts using my tax dollars to fund it--then I will be mad.

David said...

Excellent point Chris and one I mulled over for a while. But I don't think OTOFTC services EVERYONE. Of course, that also translates into opportunity....Shame not all of our troops are able to be open with who they are This hypothetical organization could be worth forming but the law makes it hard to pull off.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that OTOFTC seems to be an instance of supply being created not by demand (for I am sure there has always been steady and significant demand for poontang on the part of straight male military personnel), but by an extraneous event (war), with questionable or little effect on demand (do straight male soldiers want more poontang right before being sent off to battle? I am doubtful). You guys are the economists -- how does this play into economic theory?
As for the existence of OTOFTC-ers catering to alternative sexual persuasions, I think it's mostly a logistical problem. As David pointed out, the US Army only likes its sex straight (perhaps missionary? on the top bunk in mildewy barracks while wearing fatigues? hey, that's kinda hot! but I digress...). OTOFTC-ers meet their patrons in bars that are *popular with the military crowd* -- super exposed public places in which any unorthodox hookup would be noticed instantly. No good for the less-than-straight soldier wishing to remain able to serve his/her country. Damn shame, too, I'm sure, for strong military men are a huge gay fetish; and chicks in uniforms are always hot.
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