Thursday, May 27, 2004

Golf Courses Dispel Doomsayers' Warnings

It’s “common knowledge” that the world is overcrowded. As children and as adults, we are told over and over that the world has “too many people,” but that statement is meaningless. What is too many people?

For decades, fears ranged that China didn’t have the capacity for its billion plus. There was enough land for farms or buildings. Doomsayers make that claim to this day even while China claims the world’s largest golf course.

That’s right, China’s Mission Hill recently became the world’s largest golf course, containing some 180 holes. Founder David Chu invested some $400 million in the complex since its founding in 1993.

Doomsayers often claim that golf courses are a waste of space because they take up so much room, so little of which is used at any given time. But if golf courses are truly a “waste of space” then why does China now fashion over 170 of them?

In fact, those one billion plus are a boon, not a burden. With so many minds at work, it’s clear that whatever land problem that may or may not have existed in China haves been subsided. If that wasn’t true, Chu would have invested in a few dozen apartment buildings.


David said...

Correction: the name of the complex is Mission Hills, not Mission Hill.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in reality, the sources of funds of the founder of Mission Hills, David Chu, is questionable. Further, the murder of Harry LAM, who earlier initiated a lawsuit against Mission Hills, relating to membership subscription, has taken a turnaround. A Hong Kong business group, Yeung Ka-on, was mentioned to be the mastermind behind the murder.